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LinkedUp Fundraising has many services and through event management can help Charities directly or put them in contact with Corporates and vica versa.  Charities or charitable Social Enterprises often don’t have enough resources and Corporates often don’t have enough time so LinkedUp Fundraising can help!  Full time fundraising staff are expensive so why not use us?

Fundraising Events

Events can be chosen by any party to meet any objective and the team will carry out the marketing and event plan to achieve those aims.  Profile-raising of the charity is closely aligned to the fundraising and LinkedUp Fundraising, over a period of time, will achieve both in equal measures.  A strong element of community building is built into every event.

Each event will have its own marketing message and can be campaign style or one off events to suit the charity or corporate requirements.  Has your organisation agreed to a Charity of the Year scheme but don’t know where to start?

Events are held in a specified locality to suit the charity, usually as part of a Calendar of Events in a 12 month period but also to ensure that there is no risk of loss to the charity itself.  The event is managed from conception to completion and the budget is held entirely by LinkedUp Fundraising with payment for the team based on a retracting sliding scale from surpluses made.  The charity will receive the cheque at the end of the event with no hassle along the way.
The only request from LinkedUp Fundraising is that the Charity turn up to the event to build on new relationship opportunities and agrees marketing material prior to invites or flyers being distributed  - even down to the stickers on the collection buckets.  The charity walks away with funds it never had and a raised profile.  What do you have to lose??? NOTHING!

LinkedUp Marketeers, the sister company to LinkedUp Fundraising will design and plan the marketing plan and suitable methods of promotion and off we go.

All funds raised are kept in a holding account and post the event, expenses, management fees (based on a retracting sliding scale) and charitable donation (never less than 60% of the total revenue) will be paid up and the cheque is presented with as much PR as possible to the beneficiary charity, as soon as possible.  Each event is contracted based upon Institute of fundraising guidelines which means no data is compromised.

Fee based services:

Project management of a fundraising campaign
Project management and mentoring of a fundraising team to carry out objectives
Head of fundraising and business development cover
Manage and carry out a programme of Trust and Grant Applications
Project Management of Community Fundraising projects
Event management of profile raising campaigns without the element of fundraising itself
Advice and mentoring of Corporate Organisation staff how to fundraise and fulfil CSR policies or Charity of the Year commitments

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